You can top up your account using bank transfers. We have two options for how to initiate this:

Option 1: You can see your bank account details (IBAN and BIC) in the pocket details of any pocket, by copying these, you can initiate a SEPA transfer from your other bank.

Option 2: We’ve also added an easy and convenient way to link your other bank accounts to Vivid.

To do this and initiate a transfer, just follow these steps:

  • Choose the pocket you wish to top up

  • Tap “Add Money” right below the current balance

  • Select your desired amount

  • Choose your bank

  • Enter your bank account details (IBAN)

  • Confirm the amount and bank details in our app, this will then take you to your other bank’s app to confirm the transfer

  • Confirm the transfer in your second bank’s app

After successfully having added your bank to your Vivid account, in the future you can skip this step and just choose your previously added account.

After successfully initiating a transfer, the money will arrive on your Vivid account within 1-2 business days (please note that weekends aren’t business days).

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