Adding funds to your Vivid account was never this easy! You can now top up your account in 4 different ways.

Just start by accessing your app and tapping “Add Money” from the main screen or in a pocket. Enter the amount you want to top up and choose any out of these 4 methods:

1. Instant Top Up: Top up your Vivid account by Card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. This is simple and instant. If you want to use this method, follow these steps:

  • Select “Link your card”, “Apple Pay” or “Google Pay”.

  • Confirm the amount of your top up.
    For the first top up using this feature there is a €100 minimum and €1000 maximum limit regardless of your plan (Standard or Prime). Then, the minimum amount of the top up is €100. Our Standard users can top up their accounts up to a total of €200 per month and Prime users up to a total of €1000 per month.
    (The month is calculated by the start date of your current plan - you can check this by clicking on your profile and then “plans”)

  • If you choose “Link your Card'', enter the card number, expiry date and CVV code. Then confirm the payment at the other bank’s end via 3DS or SMS. You can even save your details for future top ups to be even faster and more convenient.

  • If you are topping up your account using Apple Pay or Google Pay, there’s no need to add any additional details. Just authorise the payment using your phone’s code or the face recognition and fingerprint features.

  • If the transaction is successful, the amount will be credited to the pocket you chose right away.

2. SEPA: Use your bank account details (IBAN and BIC) from any of your pockets in the pocket details section to receive a bank transfer. Copy your details from your Vivid Money app and initiate a SEPA transfer from your other bank.

3. Link your other bank account(s) to Vivid. To do this and initiate a transfer, just follow these steps:

  • Tap “Link your bank account”

  • Choose your bank

  • Enter your bank account details (IBAN)

  • Confirm the amount and bank details in our app, this will then take you to your other bank’s app to confirm the transfer

  • Confirm the transfer in your other bank’s app/online banking environment

After having successfully added your other bank account to your Vivid account, in the future you can skip this step and just choose your previously added account.

After successfully initiating a transfer, the money will arrive in your Vivid account within 1-2 business days (please note that weekends aren’t business days).

4. Request money from another Vivid user following these instructions:

  • Go to payments

  • Type in the amount you want to request

  • Tap “Request”

  • Choose your contact

  • Tap "Continue"

  • Confirm the request

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