You can order both a physical and a virtual card by clicking on the “Order new card” button on the main screen in the app. We offer you a stylish purple card that immediately appears in the app. You can easily add it to your Google Pay on your phone so you can perform operations wherever you are.

It's safe because it doesn't have details on the card itself, only the last 4 digits; If you want to make a purchase online, you can access the full card details safely and conveniently within the app - just tap on your card on the main screen from inside the pocket.

We also offer you a virtual card that can't be lost, unlike a physical one. After ordering, this card will instantly appear in the app and can be added to Google Pay on your phone. It's suitable for online shopping.

You can have up to 5 cards: 2 physical cards and 3 virtual cards.

Vivid Prime:

  • First metal card for free
  • Second metal card - 20€
  • First virtual card for free
  • For every additional virtual card - 1€

Vivid Standard:

  • First metal card for free
  • Second card - 10€
  • Virtual card - 1€
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