Please check in the app on the card screen which card was issued to you:

  1. If you only see a silver virtual card, you can order your first metal card for free by clicking the button “Issue new card”.

  2. If you see a purple metal card with the status “Shipping”, that means the metal card is already on its way to you.

After your metal card is issued, it usually takes around 7 days to be delivered.

You can use your card online or with Apple Pay and Google Pay, no activation needed.

  • Make sure your name is on your mailbox.

  • We advise you to wait a couple of days after the approximate delivery date, which you'll find in the app on your card screen.

  • Double-check your mailbox and check if a neighbour has received it on your behalf.

  • If you still haven't received your card, inform us by tapping "No card yet".

  • We will send you a new card and block the previous one.

In case the first card you ordered arrives at some point, you won't be able to use it.

You can distinguish the cards by the 4 digits you find on your physical card and in the app. After we send a new card, the numbers in the app will change.

Depending on your plan (Standard or Prime), 1 free card re-issue is available within 6 or 12 months. For subsequent re-issues, the fee will be charged according to your plan:

Vivid Prime

  • 1 free re-issue per 6 months

  • For each additional re-issue €20

Vivid Standard

  • 1 free re-issue per 12 months

  • For each additional re-issue €20

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