Cashback is a refund for part of the purchase you have made.

Cashback can be earned in three ways:

1. Become a restaurant champion

You can get 10% cashback in your favourite restaurants. For more information, see the "Champion program" section.

2. Buy branded products with special offers

You can get between 5-10% cashback on online purchases of some selected brands. You can find a full list of brands and further details in the "Special offers" Cashback section.

3. Become a prime user

All prime users get:

  • 0.1% on all purchases,
  • 1% on purchases in offline establishments outside the European Economic Area (EEA),
  • 3% on payments in restaurants outside EEA,
  • Prime offers.

All new clients get the first 3 months of Vivid Prime for free and get all described cashback.

Cashback is collected in the Stock Reward Pocket.

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