Cashback is a refund of part of a purchase you have made. It is collected in your Stock Rewards Pocket. Cashback is calculated and paid out based only on your card payments.

Standard customers get the maximum cashback of €20/month. They receive:

  • Every single card transaction greater or equal to €1 gets them 0.5% cashback.

  • Cashback offers with a selected variety of merchants and brands.

Prime customers get the maximum cashback of €100/month. They receive:

  • 1.5% on all card purchases totalling at least €0.5

  • 3% cashback on all your purchases in restaurants and cafés outside of the EEA.

  • Higher cashback offers with a wider selected variety of merchants and brands.

Cashback applies only to qualifying in-store or online card purchases. Direct deposits and ATM withdrawals aren’t eligible for cashback.

Kindly note that cashback payouts may also differ depending on the offer*. While in some cases, it will be credited immediately after the purchase, in others it will depend on the offer’s prerequisites. You can find the requirements and conditions directly on the offer screen.

* Please be advised that VAT and delivery, gift wrapping and card fees aren’t included in the cashback percentage of your purchases made via link. Thus, the amount of cashback you’ll receive might differ.

Are there any other ways of earning cashback?

Of course! Our customers can also get cashback from their card purchases by participating in the following programmes:

These programmes can’t be combined. We will still apply the programme with the highest possible cashback to your purchase so you’ll get the most of it.

Is your card linked to a Shared pocket? If so, you (as the owner of the card) will get the corresponding cashback for the purchase in your Stock rewards pocket.

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