Cashback is a refund for part of the purchase you have made. Cashback is only calculated and paid for card payments and SEPA direct debits.

Cashback can be earned in three ways:

1. Become a restaurant champion

You can get 10% cashback in your favourite restaurants. For more information, see the "Champion program" section.

Tap here for more info on the Champion program.

2. Become a prime user

All prime users get:

  • 0.1% on all purchases,

  • 1% on purchases in offline establishments outside the European Economic Area (EEA),

  • 3% on payments in restaurants outside EEA,

  • Prime offers.

All new clients get the first 3 months of Vivid Prime for free and therefore have access to the above-mentioned cashback.

Tap here to find out more about Prime Cashback.

3. Super Deals

The Super Deals program is additional cashback, up to €50 for 60 days, that you and your friend can receive on top of the usual cashback limits.

All you need to do to access Super Deals is invite a friend to join Vivid Money with a referral link. After your friend has opened an account, you will be able to receive more cashback!

Tap here to find out more about Super Deals.

Cashback is collected in your Stock Reward Pocket.

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