Cashback is a refund of part of a purchase you have made. It is collected in your Stock Rewards Pocket. Cashback is calculated and paid out based only on your card payments.

All our customers can benefit from this feature regardless of their plan, which means that everybody gets money back after making purchases with their Vivid cards.

Vivid’s cashback has the same mechanics for both our Standard and Prime customers. Some offers may only be available for Prime customers or may require an in-store or via link purchase.

Cashback payouts may also differ depending on the offer. While in some cases, it will be credited immediately after the purchase, in others it will depend on the offer’s prerequisites. You can check the Rewards section in your app to see the cashback’s requirements and conditions.

What can you get out of your plan?

Standard customers get €0,01 on all card purchases where the amount is greater or equal to €1. The maximum cashback amount is €20 per month.

Prime customers get:

  • 0.1% on all purchases

  • 1% on purchases in offline establishments outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

  • 3% on payments in restaurants outside EEA

  • Cashback offers with a selected variety of merchants and brands

All new customers get the first 3 months of Vivid Prime for free and, therefore, have access to the above-mentioned cashback.

On top of that, our customers can also benefit from Super Deals!

  • The Super Deals Programme is additional cashback (up to €50 for 60 days) that you and your friends can receive on top of the usual cashback limits. All you need to do to access Super Deals is invite a friend to join Vivid Money with a referral link. When your friend opens an account and spends at least €20 by card or direct debit within 90 days after registration, you will be able to receive more cashback!

    Tap here to find out more about Super Deals.

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