There are so many savings and rewards waiting for you! You can earn up to 100€ per month in cashback with Prime Plan and up to 20€ with Standard Plan by using your Vivid card. For anyone who likes spending outside of Europe, we offer 1% cashback on purchases and another 3% on payments in restaurants with Vivid prime. And as if this wasn't enough, you will always get 0.1% cashback on any purchase you make - no matter where you are.

Vivid Standard offers a 200€ monthly limit for fee-free cash withdrawal and 3% after, while it’s 1000€ with Vivid Prime. So, you can withdraw 800€ more per month, without a 3% fee, saving a total of 24€.

Plus, with the 3-month Vivid Prime trial, you get your exclusive metal card for free. In comparison to other neo-banks on the market, this is a unique offer. Let's have a closer look: Revolut offers you a metal card if you sign up for a Metal account for 13.99€ a month. N26 gets you a metal card with the N26 Metal account for 16.90€ a month. So if it’s the metal you are looking for Vivid will save you up to 16.90€.

Of course, that’s not all, but the key advantages that allow you to save up to 140€ per month, for at least 3 months.

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