The tax identification number is an 11-digit number (!) and does not contain any information about you or your local tax office. A tax identification number is assigned to every person who is registered in a register of residents in Germany with their main or sole residence. Persons who are not legally registered but who are liable to pay taxes in Germany also receive a tax identification number.

The tax identification number remains permanently valid and does not change, for example after a move, a change of name or a change of civil status.

You can find your tax identification number in the following places:

  1. Income tax assessment
  2. Wage tax statement
  3. Letter from the Federal Central Tax Office when the tax identification number is issued for the first time

If you cannot find the number on any of these documents or if you have not yet been issued a tax identification number, you can request it on the website of the "Bundeszentralamt für Steuern"

To do so, click on "Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer" on the start page and follow the corresponding links.

Please do not confuse your 11-digit tax identification number with your 13-digit tax number that may have been assigned to you by your local tax office.

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