Inviting your friends and family to join Vivid is very simple

  • Tap “Rewards” from your main screen and then “Invite friends”. Don’t be shy, the more friends you invite, the merrier!

  • Send your unique referral link to your friends. Share it through WhatsApp, Messenger or just copy and paste it on the messaging platform of your choice.

  • The referral screen will show the amount of the bonus you both will receive. Depending on your activity, the amount can vary from €5 to €20.

  • Your friend opens the link and adds their phone number to sign up. Make sure they’ve used your link to create their account, otherwise you won’t receive the bonus. You can track your referrals and the amounts you are eligible for in the app by accessing “Your earnings”.

  • Now that your friend has created the account, it’s time to use it: they need to make purchases totalling €20 or more within the first 90 days of opening the account.

When will I receive the bonus?

When your friend completes the purchases of €20 or more, we’ll add up to €20 to your and your friend’s Reward pocket within 7 days.

On top of the referral bonus, you’ll get Super Deals access by bringing your friends to Vivid. Check what Super Deals has to offer here.

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