There might be a few reasons:

Incorrect PIN

If you enter a wrong PIN, you will receive a push notification. If you enter a wrong PIN for 3 times, the card will be blocked.

To unblock the card, select the card from the main screen, change the PIN and tap “Unfreeze”.

Previously frozen

You might have previously frozen your card and forgotten to unfreeze it.

To unblock the card, simply select the card from the main screen and tap “Unfreeze”.

Suspicious activity

It’s possible that we detected suspicious activity on your card and blocked it in order to protect your account.

To unblock your card, please reach out to us via chat for support.

Compliance reasons

Your account might have been blocked due to compliance reasons. If this is the case, your card was also blocked in the process. Some reasons for this might be that the tax information you have entered is incorrect or that you have a garnishment.

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