If you invite your friends to join Vivid, you get up to €40 for a total of 60 days for each successfully invited friend who:

  • opened an account with us using your referral link

  • made the qualifying purchases within 90 days after their account was opened

Each invited friend you bring to Vivid will increase your cashback limit by up to €40. This amount will be available after they open the account and make the qualifying purchases with their card. Your invited friends will also get up to €40 access to Super Deals for 30 days.

Simply put, if you invited 3 friends who created the account and made the qualifying purchases, you will increase your cashback limit by up to €120.

What’s the maximum duration of Super Deals access?

For each invited friend you’ll receive a 60-day access to Super Deals, up to a maximum of 300 consecutive days.

Remember that you will get access to Super Deals after your invited friend makes a card payment with their new account within the 90 days after the account was opened.

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