In the modern world, we are often faced with fraud when it comes to our personal data or finances. In this article, we have collected some advice on how to protect yourself from fraud.

  • Do not tell anyone about your password, card PIN, passcode, and card details (besides the last 4 digits). Nobody should ask for this information, and you don't have to provide it per chat or email to your bank either. If anyone asks you about this data you can be sure they are fraudsters.

  • Keep card and PIN separately. It is better not to write the PIN down, just remember it. To add even more security you can write down a wrong PIN and keep it with your card, as after 3 wrong PIN entries the card will be blocked.

  • Watch out if somebody asks for information that seems a bit out of the ordinary.

  • Be careful with unexpected calls from banks and government agencies. Vivid will never call you, we contact you only via chat or email.

  • Do not allow remote access to your phone as we don't use it to make our app work. In addition, do not give your phone to people you don’t trust.

  • Do not install any apps at the request of strangers. Install apps only from official stores.

  • Set (a new) PIN for your SIM card: in case your phone is stolen, there will be no access to your phone. Also, make sure to block your SIM card and report it stolen/lost with your provider.

  • For your password use a minimum of 9 characters using both upper- and lower-case letters, a mix of numbers and special characters or symbols. To help you remember your password use the first letters of each word in a phrase that means something to you. One way to do this is to create a password based on a song title, affirmation, or another phrase. Make sure to also not re-use the same password on multiple sites.

  • Always delete unrecognized emails. Never open or respond to any email or attachment unless you positively recognize or trust the sender. This includes spam (junk email).

  • Fraudsters sometimes send messages with links. Never open links from unexpected senders.

In case you become a victim of fraudsters and your access to the app or your phone was lost contact us immediately via the email [email protected]. We will help you.

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