How can I win up to €5100 in Bitcoin?

Starting from Thursday 6 May 2021 until Monday 31 May 2021, you have the chance to obtain up to €5100 in Bitcoin by investing in crypto with us and inviting your friends to Vivid Money.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Invest €50 on any cryptocurrency using the Crypto Pocket in the Vivid app until the end of this program. This is enough to be eligible for a prize of €100!

  2. Invite your friends to join Vivid Money by sharing your referral link. Every friend registering with your link gets you €1000 closer to a total prize of €5100. The amount is capped at five friends, but of course you can invite more! You and your friends must have your Vivid Money account open until 31 May.

  3. Follow us on at least one of our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

Invited friends are not obliged to invest €50 for you to be eligible and win the competition. They just need to be invited and register: the more you invite the greater the potential prize!

If you are the lucky winner and

you have invited 0 friends, you will get €100.

you have invited 1 registered friend, you will get €1100.

you have invited 2 registered friends, you will get €2100.

you have invited 3 registered friends, you will get €3100.

you have invited 4 registered friends, you will get €4100.

you have invited 5 registered friends, you will get €5100.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin... which one should I invest in?

You can choose your favourite from the Vivid app and start building your own portfolio.

Should I invest 50 EUR in one coin or a 50 EUR total in different cryptocurrencies?

It's entirely up to you! 50 EUR can be invested in a combination of different cryptocurrencies. For example, you could invest 25 EUR in BTC and 25 EUR in LTC.

How do I know if I am the winner?

The winner will receive a message to their provided email address 48 hours after the end of the competition. Check your email notifications regularly as the prize needs to be claimed within 48 hours following the announcement!

If you are not the winner of this contest, don’t worry! You and your friend(s) will still get the referral bonus and access to Super Deals.

How and when would I receive the prize?

The winner will receive, within 14 days of the announcement, a non-transferable digital voucher to be used as soon as possible in their Vivid Crypto Pocket. Be aware, you will be responsible for the full payment of any applicable taxes as a result of winning the prize.

If you want to be part of this giveaway and you don’t know how to open a Crypto Pocket yet, we show you how to do it here

Vivid will not be liable for any losses deriving from this giveaway. Investing in crypto assets comes with certain risks and participants risk losing their entire investment.

The following Terms & Conditions are applicable and can be found here

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