The stock welcome bonus is a reward points program worth up to €100 that you can get just by signing up with us and using our investment pocket. If you live in Germany and you open an account with us, you might be eligible for an additional welcome bonus*.

In order to be able to redeem the reward points, simply trade using your investment pocket for a total amount of €100 or more within 90 calendar days of opening your account.

If you try to redeem the reward points and have not yet made enough trades, we will show you a counter on the redeem screen telling you how much you still need to invest in order for you to be able to redeem the bonus.

*The Stock Bonus Programme is an invitational program. Vivid will select and invite Eligible Customers at its own discretion based on the indicated prerequisites and conditions. Participation in the program can be requested, but may be refused without any substantiation needed by Vivid.

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