If joined Vivid before the 14th March 2022, bringing 3 friends to join Vivid gets you:

  1. A referral bonus for each invited friend

  2. Increased cashback limit

  3. An additional monetary bonus

For each invited friend who completes the registration and makes qualifying purchases, you will get up to €70 cashback limit in Super Deals and a monetary bonus. Check out the “Rewards” tab and find out how much you’ll get bringing friends to Vivid.

What do I need to do?

  1. Share your referral link with your friends and family. If you don’t know how to invite friends yet, have a look here.

  2. Encourage them to create an account.

  3. Wait until your friends complete the registration and make qualifying purchases until the end of the campaign.

This promotion starts the day you join Vivid. You will see a 30-day countdown in the app which shows how many days you have left to invite friends and benefit from the additional bonus.

Please note that the multiple friend referral bonus will show directly in the app and we can’t change which referral bonus is available to you. Start using your account actively from now on so you get the most of your referral for upcoming promotions!

Kindly note that access to this promotion is limited. As we grow, we are testing some new features for a better customer experience on a reduced number of customers. Please stay tuned for what we bring next as you might be eligible for upcoming bonus and promotions.

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