If you live in Germany, France, Italy or Spain, there are 2 options to add your Vivid card to Google Pay:

1)You can easily add your Vivid card to Google Pay via the Vivid.money app. Just go to the card details screen, tap on the button "Add to G Pay", and follow the instructions.

You can add both - metal and virtual card - there.

If you want to use Google Pay with more than one device, you will need to add your Vivid card to each device separately.

2)You can also add your Vivid card to your Wallet using the Google application:

Go to the Wallet and tap "Add a card"

Follow the steps to add a new card.

After your card has been verified, you can start using Google Pay.

Note: We don't display the full number of your metal card for security reasons, therefore only your virtual card can be added manually via Google application. To add your metal card, please use your Vivid app.

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