1. If you’ve already received this bonus and access by sharing your link on your social media platforms once, you can’t get it for a second time. Please note that this option is available only once per social media platform (Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat).

  2. You’ve reached the cashback access limit. You can check how much cashback you’ve earned and when your access ends by tapping on Rewards > All.

  3. If you posted your referral link in your social media and you deleted the post within the first 24 hours, the additional cashback won’t be credited.

Please note that the option to share the referral link on your social media platforms in order to access Super Deals is being gradually rolled out and is only available to our customers living in Germany and France at the moment. There is no invitation needed, the option will show directly in the app. Stay tuned as we make it available to everyone!

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