Do you live in Germany? Does a €500 additional bonus sound good to you? What about our Prime plan for free? Do you want increased referral bonuses?

Having an online presence and bringing your friends and family to join Vivid has never been so rewarding!

What you need to do:

  • Invite at least 5 friends using your referral link (we show you how here).

  • Encourage them to start using their new account. They need to make a purchase of at least €20 within the first 90 days of opening the account. When they complete the registration and make the qualifying purchase, you are automatically added to this programme.

Have you invited 5 friends already? No problem! Make sure that at least one of them created their account and spent at least €20 within the last 90 days. If you haven’t invited anybody within the 90-days time frame, share your referral link with a friend so they can create an account and make a qualifying purchase of €20 or more. After that, you will be all set!

Ambassador’s programme benefits

  1. Free Prime plan during your ambassador status.

  2. Double the usual referral bonus amount! You will receive up to a €50 bonification for each invited friend.

  3. €500 additional bonus* for every 20th invited friend since you obtained ambassador status. That being 5 friends to get this status and 15 friends after that to make a total of 20 invited friends.

Do you want to keep your Vivid’s ambassador status?

Regardless of the size of your online following, just make sure that you invite at least one friend every 90 days and that they make the qualifying purchase. This period is calculated from the date you entered the Ambassador’s programme or from the date your last invitee joined us. Otherwise, your ambassador status will be downgraded and you won’t have access to this programme’s benefits any longer.

*This bonus will be credited after your 20th invited friend creates an account and makes the first €20 purchase within 90 days after registration.

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