Are you considering investing and creating your own portfolio? Think no more. Starting from 8 December 2021, we’re launching a special campaign designed for our customers with little experience in investing. You can start investing without worrying about any potential loss of your invested money.

Our “Invest without loss” campaign gives you the opportunity to invest up to €100 in one of the stocks listed below and, in the event of a decrease in the price of the stock, we’ll compensate for the loss of your investment!

How can I participate* and what are the stocks I can invest in?

Start by creating an Investment pocket in your Vivid app. Right after its creation, you’ll be presented with the campaign.

If you already have an Investment pocket, tap on the banner informing you about the “Invest without loss” campaign.

You can choose amongst the following top-notch companies:

  • Apple

  • Microsoft

  • Amazon

  • Facebook

  • Alphabet

  • Lufthansa

  • L'Oréal

  • VW

Full conditions can be found here.

How does the campaign work?

Make an investment of up to €100 in one of the companies’ stocks above and hold it for 30 calendar days.

During this period, the value of your investment may change as it might go up or down. If the value decreases, we’ll compensate you for any existing loss by transferring the corresponding amount to your Main/Money pocket. Here’s an example:

You made a €90 investment in Apple stocks at $150. After 30 days (when the hold period ends), Apple stocks are at $100. As the value of your investment has decreased, you’ll receive a refund of the loss (€30 + the exchange mark up).

After the 30 calendar days, this investment won’t be included in the campaign and as such, you will be able to sell it freely or continue to hold it (but no compensation will be provided).

Kindly note that if you decide to sell a portion or the entirety of the investment made as part of this campaign before the 30 days hold period expires, the investment won’t be protected any longer and you won’t be eligible for any compensation.

If you decide to continue investing in other companies’ stocks, your protected status won’t be affected. At the same time, you can freely trade with other instruments.

* Vivid can, at its own discretion, make an offer to existing and/or new customers to participate in this programme.

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