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What’s the Stock Rewards pocket?
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The Stock Reward pocket comes by default (and can’t be closed or deleted) when you open your Vivid account and it is where your bonuses are collected. Any of the following bonuses will be added to this pocket:

  • Cashback

  • Friend referral bonus

  • Stock Rewards

You can always access the funds available in this pocket by redeeming them (all at once) or let the funds grow as part of a special loyalty programme. If you opt to redeem the funds, they will be automatically transferred to your Money pocket.

How can I get Stock Rewards and how does it work?

As you receive cashback or any other bonus, you can “invest” them in a fraction of stocks or ETFs.

Link your savings in this pocket to any company stock of your choice. As the price of your chosen stock rises, your reward rises proportionally too. When the price falls, the reward decreases consecutively, but you won't get less than your initial savings amount. Your savings can only grow!

Let’s look at an example of how it actually works:

  1. You choose the stock or ETF that you want to get the reward in by tapping on your Stock Rewards pocket and selecting one from our catalogue. For instance, you choose stock "A".

  2. You make a purchase of €100 with 10% cashback. Thus, we add €10 to your Stock Rewards pocket.

  3. Cashback will be credited to your Stock Rewards Pocket as a fraction of the "A" company share. Let's assume that the "A" stock has a price of 100€ at that moment. That means you will receive 0.1 of "A’s" company share in your Reward Pocket.

  4. After some time, the price of the "A" stock rises to 110€. Your reward in the pocket would be 0.1 stock * 110€ = 11€ at this moment.

  5. Then the price of "A" stock becomes 105€. Your reward would be equal to 10.5€.

  6. Later if the price for that stock decreases to 90€, your reward would be 10€. Moreover, if the "A" share price becomes 0€, your reward would still be 10€.

Can I change the company I get my rewards in?

Yes, you can do it anytime but only the new savings in the Stock Rewards pocket will be linked to the new stock. Previous stocks will remain in your Stock Rewards pocket and their value and reward will continue changing based on their price on exchange.

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