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Why did my transaction get suspended and what can I do?
Why did my transaction get suspended and what can I do?
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As a banking services provider company, we periodically run routine checks on our customers’ transactions to ensure their safety. Thus, you might have received an app notification when performing a bank transfer informing you that it was suspended and needed additional verification. At Vivid, the protection of our customers’ accounts is of paramount importance.

What’s next?

Whilst we perform this standard banking procedure, we kindly ask you for your patience. You will be notified shortly after the routine check has been completed.

If you receive a notification stating that your transfer is verified, you will be able to confirm it once again in the app and the funds will be sent accordingly. If you don’t react to this notification within 48 hours, the transaction will be automatically cancelled. Please note that we won’t process any transfer without your consent after its review.

Conversely, if you received a notification informing that your transfer was declined, we will cancel it for you.

Please note that in the event that we need further information from you, we’ll notify you via the Vivid app.

Do you want to cancel this transaction?

You can freely reverse the bank transfer while this procedure is ongoing. Simply tap “Cancel transaction” on the screen informing you about the routine check. You can also access this information by tapping the push notification we sent you and then “Suspended transfers” to finally tap “Cancel”.

Did you get a notification about a transaction that you didn’t initiate?

If you didn’t make the transfer and you received a notification, please contact us immediately and follow the instructions included here.

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