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How can I stay alert to signs of fraud?
How can I stay alert to signs of fraud?
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Simple tips on how to spot fraudsters

  • Fraudsters often introduce themselves as a well-known company and try to gain your trust but their motives are far from trustworthy. Their main goal is to:

    - Steal your money.

    - Involve you in questionable (usually illegal) activities.

    - Place you in financial danger.

  • If you are asked to make financial transactions, become part of a particular group or participate in any sort of campaign, always remember to:

    - Understand what these offers actually entail, even if a message looks or sounds genuine. Don't forget, fraudsters will often study their victim's profile and will know exactly how to initiate a response from you.

    - Always double-check if these offers come from credible sources. Vivid Money's white papers, products and profiles can all be found here.

Learn more about security awareness here.

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