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What’s Vivid Standard?
What’s Vivid Standard?
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Vivid offers two different plans for their customers to choose from: Vivid Standard and Vivid Prime. Vivid Standard gives you a convenient solution for your financial needs packed with the following benefits:

  • Up to 3 Money Pocket accounts with separate SEPA-eligible IBAN included.

  • 40 different currencies to choose from.

  • Up to €20 cashback limit per month on card purchases based on the cashback categories of your choice and Vivid Shopper offers. Read more about how you can get cashback here.

  • Up to €200 per month in free cash withdrawals (when withdrawing at least €50).

  • Low fees for your investments with the Crypto 2.0 and the Invest Pockets.

Do you want more?

If all the perks mentioned above aren’t enough, we also have a Prime plan with increased monthly limits for withdrawals, top-ups and cashback and unlimited free trades in a wide selection of crypto coins. Read more about our Vivid Prime here.

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