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Collective Cashback
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Vivid offers their customers different opportunities to earn cashback when making purchases with their Vivid account (card payments). The Collective Cashback gives our customers living in Spain and Germany access to some special rewards from a wide range of well-known brands we’ve curated for you.

How is it different from other ways of getting cashback?

The main difference is that you need to collect a certain amount of cashback (threshold) in order to redeem it. That is, you’ll need to make one or several purchases up to a fixed amount with the same brand to collect your cashback.

How does it work?

You need to make purchases (online or in-store) in Spain or Germany from the brands shown in the app. How much you spend is important as you need to reach a specific amount to get the rewards.

Each brand on this list will show:

  • The cashback amount you’ll receive

  • The threshold amount you have to spend to collect the cashback

  • The maximum amount spent per purchase

  • The starting date of the offer

The offers have a maximum amount to be spent per purchase. This amount will count towards the threshold of the specific offer and if you exceed it with your purchase, only the maximum amount will be accumulated on to your collective cashback. Once you reach the offer’s threshold, the cashback will be credited in your Stock Rewards Pocket.

For example, Flink offers €10 cashback for each €67 you spend. This means that for each purchase you make, up to €33 will count towards the €67 threshold. When you make enough purchases to reach this €67 threshold, €10 cashback will be added to your Stock Rewards Pocket.

Kindly note that you’ll see your offer’s progress right in the app as you make purchases with the specific brand. The last purchase that gets you to reach the threshold needs to be settled (not pending) €10 cashback will be added to your Stock Rewards Pocket.

What happens when you have reached the threshold with a particular brand?

Don’t worry! You can continue shopping to get cashback during the time the offer is available. You will just be starting a new cashback cycle with that brand.

What happens if you decide to return your purchase?

In this case, the balance of your accumulated cashback will decrease or your closest pending reward will be cancelled.

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