Super Deals is a programme which gives you additional cashback for using your Vivid account when making purchases from a personalised selection of merchants that we choose for you based on where you live and where you shop.

You get access to Super Deals by inviting a friend to open a Vivid account using your referral link.

When your friend completes the registration process and makes the qualifying purchases within 90 days after registration, the access to Super Deals will be unlocked for you and your friend. As a result, you (the inviter) will get up to €40 Super Deals cashback limit for a total of 60 days. Your friend (the invitee) will receive up to €40 Super Deals cashback limit for a total of 30 days.

On top of the Super Deals cashback, you and your friend:

  • receive €20 (Standard plan) or €100 (Prime plan) Cashback

Please note that the brand selection and cashback percentages available on the Super Deals offers may vary amongst our customers based on their country of residence.

It should be pointed out that Super Deals and cashback can’t be combined. We will still apply the most beneficial cashback percentage (either Super Deals or your plan’s cashback) to your purchase so you’ll get the most of it.

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