Your limit of cashback will depend on two key factors:

  1. Cashback activation. Get full details here.

  2. Your plan. Check out below how much you can get per month if you meet the activation requirement:

    Standard customers get the maximum cashback of €20/month. They receive:

  • Every single card transaction greater or equal to €2.5 gets them 0.2% cashback.

  • Cashback offers with a selected variety of merchants and brands.

    Prime customers get the maximum cashback of €100/month. They receive:

  • 1% on all card purchases totalling at least €0.5

  • 3% cashback on all your purchases in restaurants and cafés outside of the EAA.

  • Higher cashback offers with a wider selected variety of merchants and brands.

On top of that, our customers can also receive up to €40 Super Deals cashback by inviting their friends to join Vivid. Tap here to find out more about Super Deals.

This means that if you are a Prime customer, your total cashback can reach up to €140 monthly, and up to €60 for Standard customers. Please note that these limits apply to the original cashback amount you received. The income received from stock growth is unlimited.

Did you get less cashback than expected or nothing at all with your purchase?

If you haven’t reached your limits yet and you still haven’t received your cashback or the amount you’ve received is less than you expected, please reach out to us to provide the details of the transaction. Make sure you include the following in your message:

  • Brand name

  • Date and time of purchase

  • Receipt of the purchase

If it was a payment in a restaurant, we also need the address of the restaurant where the payment was made.

Unfortunately, sometimes the cashback may not register on the first attempt. If this happens, message us and we will help you solve this issue.

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