Yes! There are two options when making payments in a currency other than the Euro:

  • Pay directly using your Vivid card, and we’ll automatically convert it into the local currency.

  • Alternatively, you can exchange the currency in advance in a money pocket of your choice. This option allows you to be on top of your finances as you will be charged the exact amount in the currency of your choice. The amount won’t ever change as you already converted the funds beforehand.

Depending on your plan, you can choose from 40 currencies (Standard plan) or up to 105 currencies (Prime plan). Use your Vivid card when you are on a holiday abroad or for your online shopping and avoid surprises:

  • Spend without worrying about the ever changing exchange rate.

  • Not satisfied with your purchase? You can always return the item and we’ll try our best to make the refund in the same currency the purchase was made in, this happens when the merchant links the refund to the original transaction. Otherwise, if the refund is processed in Euro, you’ll keep the cashback from the original purchase.

Please note that if you have insufficient funds in the linked Pocket, the charge will be in €. If your balance in € can’t cover the purchase, it will be declined.

You can learn more about how we calculate the exchange rates for non-Euro transactions here.

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