We’ve joined forces with Steuerbot GmbH and if you’re a German resident, you can now file your tax return right from the Vivid app.

What do I need to do?

It’s that time of the year again, but it’s going to be really easy this time around!

  1. Log into the Vivid app and tap “Rewards”;

  2. Scroll down to Vivid Services;

  3. Select “Tax return”;

  4. Accept the terms and conditions;

  5. Start filing your tax return;

    You’ll need to select the year you want to file (starting from 2017) and answer some questions from the Steuerbot. When you’re done with the questionnaire, you’ll see the estimated amount of your refund.

  6. Submit your information and proceed with the payment (if applicable).

If the amount of your tax return is less or equal to €100, you can file the tax return for free. If you get a higher amount, a fee of €24.90 will apply. This fee will be deducted from your account after you confirm the payment.

Please be advised that Steuerbot will provide you with an estimated amount. If your return is lower than €100 and the fee was debited, please contact Steuerbot GmbH and they’ll refund you accordingly. If the amount of your return is higher than €100 and the fee wasn’t applied, we won’t charge you retrospectively.

Kindly note that Steuerbot GmbH within the Vivid app provides its services in German or English. The language will depend on your preferred language as per your app settings.

How do I know the status of my tax return?

The following statuses will show on your screen as you complete and send the information of your tax return:

  1. In progress: this status will appear as you start completing the questionnaire. Think of it as a draft, so you can come back to it at any time to continue filing your tax return.

  2. Done: this status will show when you’ve finished completing the questionnaire and it’s ready for submission or has already been submitted. Depending on the colour displayed, the status of your tax return can be:

  • Dim green: the questionnaire is completed but the payment (if applicable) is pending. Therefore the tax return has not been submitted yet.

  • Deep green: your tax return has been successfully sent out for review.

Where and when will I receive my tax refund?

It will be paid to the IBAN that you entered while submitting your tax return. The payout will take place according to the status of your submission.

Can Vivid assist me with the completion of my tax return?

Due to legal reasons, we can’t provide any assistance in filing your tax return. If you're unsure about any tax implications or have further questions regarding Steuerbot, we kindly ask you to get in contact with their customer support here.

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