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What does the investment service cost?
What does the investment service cost?
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At Vivid Invest we have quite a simple tariff structure

  1. Starting from the 13th of October, 00:00 CET, we will charge a 0.5% fee (or 0.79 EUR minimum) to Standard customers per trade for the investing in EUR underlying (ETFs/shares) after signing the new Terms and Conditions.
    This fee doesn’t apply to our Prime customers, they can enjoy our investment services commission free.

  2. We charge a 0.5% mark-up for the currency exchange rate for the investing in USD underlying (ETFs/shares).

Certain products like underlying ETFs might charge additional costs that are adjusted for in the price of the Fractional Share. But basically, there are no further costs. Using the Investment Pocket is totally free of charge and there are no pocket opening or asset custody fees.

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