You can create posts from the Beat tab. Just tap the “What’s on your mind?” field and start typing. You’ve got up to 4000 characters to share your experience about a particular instrument, provide some tips, and discuss news and strategies. You can even add a picture, the possibilities are almost endless!

Can I edit a post?

Of course. You can make changes to your post within the first 15 minutes after publication. Past this period, you’ll only be able to delete it and write a new one.

Which content will I see and how can I improve the visibility of my posts?

You’ll see the posts of the users that you follow. Additionally our editorial team will continuously create posts and feature most interesting posts from other users. These posts will also show in your feed.

You can increase the visibility of your posts by using tickers (similar to hashtags), which will keep your posts relevant when talking about companies. To create a ticker, tap on $ (dollar symbol) and type the name of the company.

Can I use mentions in my comments?

Yes, you can tag the owner of the article to thank them for their insights or even tag another user so they can read something you found interesting. Like on any other social media, you can use @ followed by their username.

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