With the increasing demand from new users wishing to open an account with us in France, we want to continue ensuring the best possible service. Thus, we’re implementing a waiting list to manage the surge of accounts being opened.

By doing so, we strive to maintain the quality service we pride ourselves on while improving your registration experience so that your first steps with Vivid are smooth and effortless.

When will I be able to open my account?

If you’ve tried to open an account with us and are on the waiting list, we kindly ask you to be patient and wait. Although you won’t be able to proceed with your registration at this time, we’ll notify you by email as soon as it’s available for you again.

Please note that our customer service team has no influence on the waiting list and contacting us will not speed up the waiting time.

We understand that you’re eager to open an account with us and we’re very excited to welcome you as well. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

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