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Why does Vivid’s Fractional Shares service need my National Identifier?
Why does Vivid’s Fractional Shares service need my National Identifier?
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As a German regulated entity, we’re obliged to comply with all relevant regulatory reporting in relation to the trading of listed securities. Each customer who places a trade with a financial institution such as Vivid Invest must provide their identifier for reporting purposes. The identifier required is based on the country of your nationality (which may not be the same as the country you currently reside in).

What National Identifier do I need to provide?

The National ID that you need to provide corresponds to your nationality. Where several forms of National ID are possible, they are assigned a priority ranking. You should always aim to provide the first priority national ID.

The full list of applicable national IDs based on each country can be found below:

  • Austria (AT): No national ID is required

  • Belgium (BE): Belgian National Number (Numéro de registre national – Rijksregisternummer)

  • Bulgaria (BG): Bulgarian Personal Number

  • Croatia (HR): Personal Identification Number (OIB – Osobni identifikacijski broj)

  • Czech Republic (CZ): National identification number (Rodné číslo)

  • Denmark (DK): Personal identity code 10 digits alphanumeric: DDMMYYXXXX

  • Estonia (EE): Estonian Personal Identification Code (Isikukood)

  • Finland (FI): Personal identity code

  • France (FR): No national ID required

  • Germany (DE): No national ID is required

  • Greece (GR): 10 DSS digit investor share code.

  • Hungary (HU): No national ID required

  • Italy (IT): Fiscal code (Codice fiscale)

  • Latvia (LV): Personal code (Personas kods)

  • Lithuania (LT): Personal Code (Asmens kodas)

  • Netherlands (NL): National Passport Number

  • Norway (NO): 11 digit personal ID (Foedselsnummer)

  • Poland (PL): National Identification Number (PESEL)

  • Portugal (PT): Tax number (Número de Identificação Fiscal)

  • Romania (RO): National Identification Number (Cod Numeric Personal)

  • Slovakia (SK): Personal number (Rodné číslo)

  • Slovenia (SI): Personal Identification Number (EMŠO: Enotna Matična Številka Občana)

  • Spain (ES): Tax identification number (Número de identificación fiscal)

  • Sweden (SE): Personal identity number

How do I provide this information?

The national identifier needs to be provided during the process of opening the Invest Pocket. Just follow the in-app instructions and fill in the necessary information.

If you don’t see any screens which require your national identifier, then we don’t need you to provide any additional information at this time.

What happens if I don’t provide the national identifier?

If you do not provide this information during the onboarding process, your Invest Pocket won’t be opened.

If you’ve previously opened the Invest Pocket and you didn’t provide this information which is now required, your Invest Pocket will be placed into “Sell Only” mode and you won’t be able to open or increase positions until the information is provided.

Kindly note that to open an Invest Pocket you need to provide the information.

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