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What’s the V-Tag?
What’s the V-Tag?
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The V-tag is your personal username which allows you to connect with the Vivid community anywhere, anytime. You’ll be able to use it for different in-app features and it’ll be key for upcoming campaigns and giveaways on our social channels. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s next!

How can I create and set my personal V-Tag?

If you’re new to Vivid, you’ll be able to set your V-Tag during the onboarding process. If you’ve enjoyed Vivid for a while now, follow these steps to create your V-Tag:

  • Go to your profile settings.

  • Access your personal information.

  • Tap on V-Tag.

  • Pick a name you’re comfortable sharing on social media and in other public domains: let your creativity flow or keep it professional. Your V-Tag consists of up to 15 letters (lowercase A-Z), numbers (0-9) and an underscore (_).

That’s it! Your V-Tag will appear in the profile screen right below your full name. If you decide to change your V-Tag at a later date, you’ll be able to modify your V-Tag up to 3 times. Assign yourself a new V-Tag by following the instructions above and editing your current one.

Please be advised that Vivid reserves the right to change your V-Tag if deemed inappropriate.

Do you follow Vivid on social media?

Don’t miss out on our latest campaigns and features. Follow our social media accounts and use your V-Tag to take part in upcoming promotions and giveaways.

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