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Why did CM-E ask me to complete a questionnaire?
Why did CM-E ask me to complete a questionnaire?
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CM-E asks our customers to complete a questionnaire when they've purchased fractional instruments worth more than €9,000 altogether.

Vivid, together with CM-Equity, adheres to MiFID regulations and this questionnaire inquires about the source of the funds used for trading with fractional instruments. Additionally, CM-Equity may also ask you for ID or address verification.

If you’ve received this questionnaire, you’ll have to complete it. After your assessment is submitted and reviewed, you’ll be able to start trading with larger volumes.

Kindly note that it may take up to 7 business days for your submission to be reviewed. If the questionnaire is not completed by the time your total purchases of fractional instruments surpasses €10,000,you will not be able to purchase more fractional instruments until your questionnaire is reviewed and accepted.

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