We’re implementing a €0.90 maintenance fee applicable to new customers, who onboarded on or after 27 April 2022 and whose account has been inactive for a period of 90 consecutive days.

How will this fee be applied?

If you don’t use your account during the 90-day period, we’ll send you an email asking you to make one of the following transactions totalling at least €10 to keep your account active:

  • a card payment with any of your Vivid cards

  • an inbound or outbound transfer*

  • a trade (only if invest and crypto services are available in your region)

If you don’t make one of the above transactions within 30 days from the receipt of the email, we’ll apply the monthly amount of €0.90 for as long as your account is inactive.

The maintenance fee will be deducted from the account details you provided during the account creation process via SEPA direct debit. If the payment of this fee isn’t successful, Vivid reserves the right to request and collect the payment through other means.

*Kindly note that transfers between Money pockets don’t qualify as transactions to keep your account active.

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