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When will I get my referral reward?
When will I get my referral reward?
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If you’ve invited friends to join Vivid, your double cashback reward will appear as soon as your invited friend(s) have:

  1. A banking account balance of at least €1000 (by combining the funds available in your Money Pockets and Business Pockets) or hold at least €100 worth in any of our investment products (fractional shares and ETFs / crypto / precious metals, crypto 2.0).

  2. Completed 3 offline (in person) card payments and these card payments have settled (it usually takes a few hours but it can take up to 3 days). Kindly note that the access to Super Deals will be automatically unlocked within 7 days after the last purchase.

If you’ve opened your account through a referral link, you’ll get double the amount of cashback in the cashback categories of your choice straight away! Access the Rewards tab in the app and choose the categories and start using your Vivid card for your purchases to earn double the cashback for 30 days.

Kindly note that access to the Super Deals programme is only offered to the inviter. That is, the person that invites friends with their referral link gets access after their friends open the link, create an account and make the required qualifying purchases. More details here.

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