Vivid Now is a SEPA enabled account that comes with 4 great features:

  1. Overdraft
    It allows you to proceed with card payments, cash withdrawals and SEPA transfers if the balance of your pocket is going below €0. Just make sure that you’ve enabled this feature from the Pocket screen or Vivid Now screen to start using it. Read more about the Overdraft here.

  2. Back Up
    This functionality can be enabled on any of your Money Pockets. Once enabled, if you run out of funds in the Pocket, the card payments you make will be redirected to your Vivid Now account. If you’ve got a positive balance in your Vivid Now account, those funds will be used. Otherwise, Vivid Now will make use of the overdraft.
    Read more about Back Up here.

  3. Auto Split
    This functionality can be enabled on any of your Vivid cards. Once enabled, all eligible purchases over €20 will be debited from your Vivid Now account and a virtual repayment plan will be set up to help you quickly repay the money to your Vivid Now account. Auto Split gives you financial flexibility, whilst ensuring you maintain good financial health.
    Get more details about Auto Split here.

  4. Free up
    It allows you to cover the cost of eligible past purchases with the money in your Vivid Now account, and then set up a virtual repayment plan to avoid paying interest. Free up gives you the chance to make the money that you’ve spent within the last 3 months available when you need it most.
    Read more about the Free up here.

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