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Can I withdraw cash from my Vivid account in stores?
Can I withdraw cash from my Vivid account in stores?
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If you live in Germany and you’ve got the latest version of the Vivid app, you can now withdraw cash at a wide range of supermarkets and health and beauty retailers.

What do I need to do?

Log in to your Vivid app and follow these steps:

  1. Select the Money Pocket you want to withdraw money from.

  2. Scroll down to the “Actions” section and tap “Withdraw cash”

  3. Choose: “In store” and add the amount for your withdrawal.

  4. The app will generate a barcode, and the money will be reserved while the barcode is there or until it’s executed.

  5. Allow the app to access your location and select a store from the in-app map to make the withdrawal.

  6. Go to the store and show the cashier the barcode to complete the withdrawal.

  7. Your balance will be updated and the transaction will show in your timeline within 2 minutes!

Do you want or need to make the withdrawal in a different store? Don’t worry, the barcode is not linked to a particular shop. Just find another store on the in-app map to complete the withdrawal. If you wish to cancel the withdrawal, you simply need to delete the barcode.

How often can I withdraw money from my account in stores?

Regardless of your plan, there is no minimum amount, but withdrawals under €50 will be subject to fees, and the maximum amount per single transaction is €300. Kindly note that there’s a 24-hour limit of €500, in addition to the €999.99 weekly limit (on a rolling basis). The weekly limit for withdrawals and top-ups using the barcode is united.

Our Prime customers can withdraw up to €1000 per month* for free, while Standard customers have €200 monthly. To any additional cash withdrawals, we’ll apply a fee of 3% (no less than €1) of the total of their withdrawal.

*30 days rolling from the starting date of the plan. You can check the starting date of your plan by accessing your profile in the app and tapping “Plan”.

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