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With Vivid Now, you can receive cashback from your card transactions when using the Vivid Now Overdraft and the Back up feature. Please note that if you are using the Auto Split feature or the Free Up feature, you aren’t eligible for cashback.

Therefore, the cashback payout might be impacted as follows depending on the Vivid Now feature used to purchase:

  • Vivid Now’s Overdraft and pocket Back up
    You get cashback from your eligible card transactions using these features. The cashback will be credited in your Stock Rewards Pocket once the card transaction is settled.

  • Auto Split and Free up
    Making use of the Auto Split feature will not qualify for cashback. When using the Free Up feature, the already accrued cashback is taken back from your Stock Rewards pocket. If you’ve already redeemed the cashback, your Stock Rewards pocket balance will become negative. Kindly note that having a negative balance in your Stock Rewards pocket won’t lead to any monetary loss and could eventually balance out as you continue receiving cashback for your upcoming purchases.

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