With the latest update of terms and conditions, Solaris will update the list of prices and services for Vivid customers as follows:

  • Virtual cards
    Prime customers can request the reissue of virtual card details up to 5 times per month* for free and Standard customers can request the reissue of new card details once a month* for free. The fee of €1 will apply for the reissue of new card details exceeding the plan’s limitation.

  • Card payments in non-Euro currencies

    Card purchases in non-Euro currencies using a Euro currency account (Money Pocket) will incur a mark-up fee of 1% on top of the applicable Visa exchange rate.

  • Gambling fee
    Lottery, horse race betting, sports and casino betting, and any other gambling activities will incur a 3% fee of the transaction amount, for both incoming and outgoing payments, made both online and offline.

  • Account Management Fee for Additional Accounts (Money Pockets)
    Prime customers will continue to be able to manage their finances in up to 15 additional accounts (Money Pockets) with their plan, for Standard customers up to 3 Money Pockets will be included with their plan. Standard customers willing to increase this number can upgrade to Vivid Prime or purchase Pocket bundles for a €1.99 monthly fee per 3 extra Money Pockets.

  • Shared Pockets
    For Standard customers, 1 (one) shared account (Shared Pocket) with another Vivid customer is included in their plan. For each additional Shared Pocket a €0.99 monthly fee will apply. Another €0.99 monthly fee will apply for each additional authorised user added to any of the Shared Pockets. Prime Customers can share Pockets and add participants for free.

  • Account Management Fee for inactive Standard customers
    A €3.90 monthly account management fee will apply to Standard customers, who do not satisfy either of the following conditions:

    - Have at least 1 active physical and/or virtual card and make at least 1 card payment during the respective month (cash withdrawals via ATM or ViaCash do not count as card transactions),


    - The (cumulative) balance on all money pockets is at least €1000 across your various Money Pockets, including accounts in foreign currency, on the last day of the month (Shared pockets for which you’re the owner will be also counted, Investment and Crypto Pockets will not),

The new/updated fees apply to new customers joining from the 22 November 2022 onward. If you joined Vivid before 22 November 2022, the changes become effective as follows if you agree to the new terms and conditions:

  • Customers with a German IBAN: 28 January 2023

  • Customers with a Spanish or Italian IBAN: 25 January 2023

Most customers will need to explicitly agree to the new terms and conditions.

If you have a local Italian or Spanish IBAN, you will not need to do anything for the conditions to come into effect. The process is explained to you by email. Kindly note that rejecting the changes could result in us, or Solaris, not being able to maintain the business relationship with you.

Would you like to provide feedback regarding these changes? If so, please complete this form.

*This period is calculated by the start date of your current plan, as displayed in the “Plan” section in your profile.

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