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What’s changing with the new terms and conditions of March 2023?
What’s changing with the new terms and conditions of March 2023?
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With the latest update of terms and conditions, Solaris SE will update the list of prices and services for Vivid customers as follows:

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee for Vivid Money card
    A €0.99 monthly* fee will apply to Standard customers for the maintenance of each one of their additional physical or virtual cards. Whereas the first physical or virtual card is provided at no cost, any secondary card issued to the account holder will incur a fee of €0.99 every month.

  • Gambling and Cash Equivalent Fee
    A 3% fee will be charged on transactions involving gambling activities such as lottery, horse race betting, and sports/casino betting. This fee also applies to transactions in any currency involving cash equivalents such as foreign currency, non-fiat currency (like cryptocurrencies purchased on Binance or BitPanda), and traveler's cheques, whether made online or offline, for both incoming and outgoing payments. This fee does not apply to in-app purchases of cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies using Vivid’s products.

  • Incoming SWIFT Transactions
    Regardless of whether you have the Standard or Prime plan, SWIFT transfers with the instruction codes BEN (beneficiary) and SHA (shared) will incur a fee of €9.90 plus 0.2% of the total amount of the transfer, but maximum €100 per transaction. Please be informed that this fee is not yet in effect and doesn’t currently apply.

  • Manual SEPA Credit Transfer Fee
    A €10.50 fee will apply to all customers who request their funds to be transferred to another account in circumstances under their own responsibility. Please be informed that this fee is not yet in effect and doesn’t currently apply.

  • Yearly Prime subscription
    In addition to the €9.90 monthly fee for Prime, we’ll also offer an annual subscription option for €99.00. If you choose to subscribe to Prime using the yearly option, a one-time payment of €99.00 will be deducted from your Money Pocket. Kindly note that the yearly Prime subscription is not yet available.

The new/updated fees apply to new customers joining from the 22nd of March 2023 onward. If you joined Vivid before the 22nd of March 2023, the changes become effective as follows if you agree to the new terms and conditions:

  • Customers with a German IBAN: 22nd of May 2023

  • Customers with a Spanish or Italian IBAN: 31st of May 2023

Most customers will need to explicitly agree to the new terms and conditions.

If you have an Italian or Spanish IBAN, you won’t need to do anything for the conditions to come into effect. The process is explained to you by email. Kindly note that rejecting the changes could result in us, or Solaris SE, not being able to maintain the business relationship with you.

Would you like to provide feedback regarding these changes? If so, please complete this form.

*This period is calculated by the start date of your current plan, as displayed in the “Plan” section in your profile.

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