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Can I use Vivid Now with shared pockets?
Can I use Vivid Now with shared pockets?
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You can benefit from Vivid Now’s features with your shared pockets depending on whether you’re the pocket owner or the pocket user:

  • Auto split only works for the pocket owner. That is, purchases made by the pocket owner with their enabled card linked to the shared pocket will be automatically split in 3 repayments if the amount of the purchase is at least €20 (check here which transactions can be split up into 3 repayments using this feature). Pocket users’ purchases, however, won’t be eligible for split repayments even if they have auto split enabled on their card linked to the shared pocket.

  • Free up can be used by both the pocket owner and pocket user. However they can only split up their own respective eligible past purchases. The pocket owner can’t split the pocket user’s past purchases and vice versa.

  • Back up, similarly to Auto split, can only be used by the pocket owner. Only the transactions made by the pocket owner will be redirected to Vivid Now if they’ve enabled this feature in the shared pocket. Pocket users, on the contrary, can’t enable Back up on the shared pocket to redirect their purchases to Vivid Now.

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