You need to upload your business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung) during the pocket creation or at a later point in time. The address on your business registration has to match the one displayed in your profile in the app. Please make sure that the document is uploaded within fifty six days to avoid having your Business Pocket blocked.

Some tips to upload your document successfully are:

  • Take a picture of the document in broad daylight to ensure that all the information is readable without reflections.

  • Create a pdf of the pictures/scans to include all the pages as a single document (if it has several pages).

  • Check that all the corners of the document are visible and that the image has a crisp, clear resolution.

Kindly note that Registered Merchants (eingektragene/r Kauffrau/mann, e.K.), who are a sub-type of Self Employed persons, can’t open a Business pocket at this point in time.

Business Pockets are only available if you're a freelancer or self-employed in Germany.

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