Yes! To do so, you need to first manage the access of third-party apps to your Vivid account by registering at my.Solaris (here’s how). After you’ve successfully linked and verified your account on this platform, you’ll be all set to link your account with different third-party apps.

Kindly note that each Business Pocket has a unique IBAN, so make sure that you’ve linked the appropriate Business Pocket’s IBAN to my.solaris.

Do you need assistance with bookkeeping or invoicing services? If so, find below some of our suggestions:

  • DATEV Unternehmen Online
    The software house and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers and their medium-sized clients.

  • Accountable
    The mobile app for freelancers to prepare and file the tax return.

  • Finance Guru
    The app to cleverly manage accounts and contracts in one place.

  • Friday Finance
    The financial management platform for businesses that collects all the banks in one place, generates reports, pays bills and much more.

  • SevDesk, Fastbill and Getmyinvoices
    The platforms to write and send invoices to avoid paper chaos.

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