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Each month you’ll be able to pick categories from which you’ll receive cashback on your card purchases.

The number of cashback categories available to you depends on your plan: we even have exclusive categories if you’re Prime.

The number of cashback categories you can choose is also determined by whether or not you have a Business Pocket*.

The number of cashback categories available to you will be displayed in the Shopper tab at the end of each month.

When can I choose the cashback categories?

The following month’s cashback categories will become available in the Shopper tab of the Vivid Money app within the last week of the month: travel, wellness, entertainment, education, supermarkets, restaurants, and so on.

There’s no specific date to choose the categories but be advised that if you forgot to choose them, your purchases won’t be eligible for cashback until you’ve made your selection.

Can I change my selection?

Once your selection has been recorded, the categories can’t be changed until the following month.

* Business Pockets are only available if you’re a freelancer or self-employed in Germany.

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