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How can I migrate my assets from the Invest Pocket to the Invest Pocket?
How can I migrate my assets from the Invest Pocket to the Invest Pocket?
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From July 2023 you’ll receive an invitation to migrate your fractional instruments to the Invest Pocket. This invitation will come with an in-app banner at the top of the Pockets tab from which you’ll be able to proceed with the onboarding to the Invest Pocket and then migrate your stocks and ETFs. In order to see the migration banner in the app, please note that your Vivid app version must be 2.68 or higher.

Migrating your fractional instruments to the Invest Pocket won’t imply any commission regardless of whether you have the Standard or Prime plan.

Will I be able to migrate all my fractional instruments?

The migration will only be available if your fractional instrument’s portfolio is worth at least €10 and each position’s value is a minimum of €1. Kindly note that If you don’t meet these criteria, the banner won’t be available in the app and the migration of your assets to the Invest Pocket won’t be possible and your assets will be liquidated automatically.

If you received the invitation and you meet the requirements for the migration but the banner is not available, please reach out to us so our dedicated customer support will assist you further with the migration.

Be advised that the following conditions apply regarding the migration and sale of instruments:

  • In case the fractional instrument in your portfolio is not supported in the new Invest Pocket, it will be sold. If applicable, any other positions in your portfolio will be migrated. The app will display the assets that cannot be migrated for your reference.

  • If your position is too small and falls below the minimum order size limit, it may not be eligible for migration and therefore, the position will be sold.

  • Non-UCITS ETFs and ETFs that are not registered in your country of residence will not be supported in the migration process and consequently, they’ll be sold too.

How will the migration work?

The migration of your fractional instruments to the new Invest Pocket will involve selling your current positions and purchasing an equivalent amount of assets for your new Invest Pocket. This migration process will be carried out on a 1:1 basis.

Are there any tax implications for the migration?

If you reside in Germany, any taxes that might occur during the process of migrating your assets to the new Invest Pocket will be withheld. Vivid Money B.V. will compensate withheld taxes for you within the new position. On the other hand, if you reside in any other country, you’ll be responsible for any taxes that may apply to you as Vivid Money B.V. won’t cover them.

Please note that if your positions are migrated or liquidated, taxes will apply regardless of your country of residence.

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