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Migration and discontinuation of fractional trading products
What’s the timeline for support with Fractional Metals?
What’s the timeline for support with Fractional Metals?
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As we continue to innovate and bring you world-class investment products, we’re terminating our Fractional Metal services soon.

Here are the timelines for the discontinuation:

  • Buy orders are currently disabled, and sell orders will be accepted until 30.05.2023.

  • Savings Plans for Precious Metals won't be executed anymore.

  • Support for Fractional Metals will end on 31.05.2023.

  • Unsold positions will be liquidated on 31.05.2023, and the proceeds will be transferred to your Main Pocket.

Please be advised that there will be no investment option provided for this product, and you’ll need to sell your positions. If you don’t take action by the dates mentioned above, any unsold position will be liquidated at the available market prices on that day.

Will the automatic liquidation cost me anything?

The liquidation of your fractional instruments won’t imply any commission regardless of whether you have the Standard or Prime plan.

Kindly note that you can access and download your trading reports from the "Documents" section of the app by logging into your profile.

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