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What’s device monitoring and how does it contribute to fraud prevention?
What’s device monitoring and how does it contribute to fraud prevention?
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Solaris, the licensed credit institution that provides you banking and payment services on our Vivid app, has introduced device monitoring as an additional layer of fraud prevention for customers. Device monitoring only runs when the Vivid app is actively used and helps identify suspicious activities, verify the authenticity of the customers’ registration, and protect both the customers like you and service providers like us and Solaris from potential fraud and unauthorised access.

When registering to create a Vivid account, we’ll need your consent for device monitoring as SEON Technologies, a service provider acting under a data processing agreement with Solaris in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR, will perform a risk assessment for fraud prevention and anti-money laundering purposes.

Once you’ve finalised the onboarding, your data will be collected from your device on a continuous basis when using the Vivid app. A risk analysis for ongoing fraud risk assessment will be performed by SEON for Solaris. Kindly note that device monitoring is a security feature in place to prevent fraud (e.g. account takeovers) and fight money laundering. Please also note that all data is collected and processed under the strictest GDPR frameworks.

Which data will be collected from my device?

When you actively use the Vivid app, data from your device will be collected and transferred to Solaris, including browser data, device data, traffic data, and location data. For more details please refer to our or Solaris’ privacy policy.

Can I withdraw my GDPR consent for Solaris’ device monitoring?

Yes, you can withdraw your GDPR consent at a later time but without consent you may be subject to enhanced due diligence checks or other measures and ultimately not be able to continue using Solaris’ services. It will mean you might no longer be able to use Vivid’s services as well.

If you’d like to withdraw your GDPR consent, please reach out to us in your Vivid app by selecting “I need help > Data privacy”, through our standard contact form or send us an email at [email protected].

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