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What’s changing with the multi-currency services?
What’s changing with the multi-currency services?
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To continue enjoying the benefits of easily buying and selling foreign currencies that you can hold in your multi-currency Pockets, we’d like to inform you that on 28 September 2023 Vivid Money B.V. (part of the Vivid group) is taking over the provision of the introduction of such purchases/sales on the Vivid Money app, replacing Vivid Money GmbH. The actual purchase/sale in your foreign currency account will continue to be provided by Solaris, therefore only a small portion of the service connected with your multi-currency Pockets is being replaced.

You'll be asked to agree to Vivid Money B.V.’s terms in order to facilitate this migration. Vivid Money B.V. will obtain and use your existing personal/customer information from Vivid Money GmbH and Solaris SE.

How can I consent?

The option to provide your consent will be available through a banner in your Vivid app. Simply click on it, review the information there, and you'll find the option to provide your consent.

Are there any other implications associated with the migration?

Please rest assured that giving your consent won't have any consequences or implications, other than the change of the service provider within the Vivid group. There will be no additional charges or changes to the existing fee structure as a result of your consent.

After successfully completing the migration process, you’ll be formally registered as a user of Vivid Money B.V. If your registration can’t be completed, no currency conversions will be possible as of 28 September 2023 and you’ll only be able to spend the foreign currencies held in your Money Pocket.

Can I refuse consent?

Your consent is essential for us to continue to offer you multi-currency Pockets in your Vivid Money app. Without it, from 28 September 2023, you won't be able to buy or sell foreign currency in your Vivid Money Pockets. This means that you’ll be able to use the foreign currencies held in your Money Pockets to make card payments, but you won't be able to exchange them back to Euro.

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