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How’s the interest calculated and paid out?
How’s the interest calculated and paid out?
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Interest is accrued within the money market fund, contributing to the gradual growth of its Net Asset Value (NAV), a key metric used to gauge the per-share value of the fund.

The interest rate is calculated based on the last 30-days dynamics. You can always check the rate graphs directly in the Interest Rate Pocket, by tapping on the icon of the fund.

The interest rates for USD and EUR deposits are annualised, which means your balance earns interest every day, gradually reaching the full rate within a year. Since the Interest Rate Pocket is an investment account, you won't receive interest at fixed intervals. Instead, you can cash in your earnings by making a withdrawal, essentially selling a portion of your investments. The best part? You don't have to wait a full year; you can withdraw your interest at any time.

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