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Migration to Vivid 2.0
Why do I need to migrate to Vivid 2.0?
Why do I need to migrate to Vivid 2.0?
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We're excited to embark on a new journey at Vivid Money! As we transition away from Solaris SE, we kindly ask you to migrate your current account to the new payment services provider in Vivid Money, Vivid Money S.A. With your consent, we'll handle the replacement of your current account with a new one, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transition for you.

We’re committed to expanding our products and services to the whole European Economic Area to make significant progress in our mission to evolve in step with your changing needs. From perfecting our current features to introducing functionalities like instant SEPA transfers, our goals remain unwavering: to exceed your expectations and to deliver a top-notch financial solution to everyone in Europe.

We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Stay alert as we enhance and introduce new offerings for you.

What are the implications if I choose not to migrate to Vivid 2.0?

If you decide not to proceed with the migration, we regret to inform you that we'll need to close your account. As we're discontinuing our partnership with Solaris SE, we won't be able to maintain support for your current account and cards in accordance with Section 19 paragraph 1 of our General Terms and Conditions, by observing a 2 months notice period.

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