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All CollectionsMigration to Vivid 2.0How do I migrate to Vivid 2.0?
How do I transfer my funds and finish the migration process?
How do I transfer my funds and finish the migration process?
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Transferring all your funds from your current account to your new one is just a few taps away:

  • The app will display your pockets along with their current balances.

  • By tapping "Continue," you'll be presented with your new IBAN on the screen.

  • Then, simply tap "Confirm," and we’ll handle the transfer of your funds via instant SEPA transfer*.

From there, you can seamlessly access and use your new account within the Vivid app. Please be aware that, once you've migrated successfully, your direct debits and card subscriptions will fail since you'll have new card details and IBAN(s). Be sure to share your new account information with your service providers. We'll help you with your card subscriptions!

What happens if I receive a transfer or a refund to my old account?

If you're anticipating funds within the next few days, you might want to wait before completing the final step of the migration (but please ensure you complete the migration by the date specified in the email we sent you). However, if you do receive a payment to your old account in the next few days, you'll have the option to transfer it to your new account. Our customer care team will be happy to guide you through this process.

Will I be able to view my past bank statements and transactions in my new account?

Certainly! Your previous bank statements and transactions will remain accessible within the Vivid app and will be displayed in your Timeline.

*These transfers usually happen instantly, but sometimes they might take up to 10 minutes. In very rare cases, they could take a couple of days.

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